The rental conditions defined here form part of the Rental Contract between the Tenant and the Owners.

1. Booking
Conditions upon receipt of the initial non-refundable deposit sum of 25% of the total rental amount together with the signed booking form your booking will be considered confirmed providing the amount has been paid within 7 days from the booking date.
The remaining balance of the rental sum must be paid in full 8 weeks prior to the start date of the holiday, together with the surety deposit, which is refunded following a satisfactory inventory.
After receipt of your final payment you will be sent directions to the villa and access details for the keys. All payments must be made to the owners by bank transfer. However it may be possible to pay by PayPal using credit or debit card but any PayPal charges will be added on. Payments by cheque will not be accepted.
Failure to pay the required sums stated above within the agreed timescale will result in the owners having the right to cancel this contract forthwith. Please note that in such events no refunds of any money paid to the owners will be made.
2. Cancellations
In the event of the Tenant cancelling the rental contract for any reason the following charges will apply:- Leading up to 8 weeks before the start of the rental period, The owners will retain the deposit. Between 8 and 6 weeks before the start of the rental period, the owners will retain 75% of the total rental price.
If cancellation of the rental contract is made after 6 weeks prior to the commencement date of the rental period then no refund of any monies will be made, except for the surety deposit.
Any notification of cancellation by the tenant to the owners must be made in writing and sent by Recorded Post, and acknowledged as received by the owners. In the case of Force Majeure, War or Natural Catastrophe both the tenant & the owners reserve the right to cancel the rental booking. Should the tenant decide on an early departure from the villa no refunds of any monies paid will be made to the tenant.
With reference to the above it is recommended that you take out your own insurance which should cover you for the above.
3. Rental Conditions
Arrival times at the villa will be after 3pm on the day of arrival and departure from the villa will be no later than 10am on the day of departure unless otherwise agreed. Within 3 days of the day of departure, the management team will inspect the property for any damage etc and upon a satisfactory inspection the owners shall return the surety deposit to the tenant.
This will be returned within 21 days with the exception of a dispute.
The cost for any damage caused by the tenant will be deducted from the security deposit. This includes the loss of any keys. Unless otherwise defined within the rental contract water & electricity costs are included within the rental sum.
It should be noted that the owners can not be held responsible for any failure of supplies of the above services which are provided by the utilities companies.
The owners can not be held responsible for any noise associated with surrounding areas or caused by any third party. No pets are allowed unless permission is given by the owners prior to the commencement of the rental period. There may be an extra charge for cleaning in cases where such an agreement has been made. A television is provided at the villa.
The owners will not be held responsible for the channels available to the tenant neither can it guarantee the receipt of the service from the programme supplier. Any complaints about the villa or its contents must be brought to the attention of the management team immediately so that any applicable action can be taken to rectify the problem.
4. Tenants Obligation
The tenant agrees that the rented property is designated solely for residential use and occupation of the premises will only be for the number of persons stipulated on the booking form.
The lead name on the booking form will be fully responsible for the property while occupied by themselves or any of their party, and for their actions. It is implied that the tenant will show all respect to the property & gardens, and will cause no unreasonable noise, nuisance or hindrance to any neighbours neither cause any loud noise to occur pre 9am or after 10pm.
Should any complaints arise against the tenant then the owners reserve the right to terminate the rental contract with no compensation to the tenant. At all times the tenant must ensure the property is protected against fire by using standard safety methods when using cooking or BBQ facilities or by flooding via water taps within the property.
At all times the tenant must ensure the property is secured against theft or intrusion.
The tenant shall be liable for any missing, damaged or stolen items. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to ensure that any children in their care abide by all safety rules particularly when using the pool, within the premises, and that any child under the age of 16 shall not be allowed to use the swimming pool unless accompanied by an adult. Gas and electric use is monitored carefully. Excessive or abusive use of gas and electric, heating or air conditioning, over and above what is deemed to be a reasonable and fair amount is chargeable to the tenant.
The owners will not be held responsible for any accidents, or injuries, which may occur within the property, its grounds & pool to the renters or any third parties.
The owners will not be held responsible for any theft, loss or damage to the property or its contents.